SAESL Blog: My visit to the JokaydiaGrid

Okay, so I’m a virtual land junkie. I’m always seeing the “what ifs” and “oooo, I could do’s” and tend to jump in with both feet upon finding land available.

The hangup that we’ve been having with Jaguarland and the main SL grid has often been that local public school teachers cannot use the land because of the age limit imposed upon SL.
When I heard about Jokaydia’s plan to develop an alternate grid, I was intrigued. As soon as I received the invite, I jumped.
Downloading a new viewer (well, new to me) was a bit disconcerting. Until I saw a lot of grids listed that were accessible by the viewer. Grids that I hadn’t heard of, ’til now. Lots of places to go explore.
But first, Jokaydia. I was the 33rd person to sign up for access, according to the grid stats. What I found was a small world of a handful of sims. Most were empty, except for the main entrance. They were all nicely landscaped, waiting for someone to come make use of them.
I determined to look further into this. Reading the website, I found that JokaydiaGrid sims are for rent. Around 25 USD/month for a sim with 8000 prims. Not bad, not bad at all. And while the traffic may not be at the level of SL, I can already see that it could provide a nice alternative to those who are already familiar with SL but don’t want the expense involved with SL sims and need the space to be open to K-12 (which JokaydiaGrid is).
Soooo, I’m adding this as a potential tool for our local educators wanting to get involved with the virtual world. First, you’ll need to download the Hippo Multigrid Viewer.
Sign up for the JokaydiaGrid on the Jokaydia website.
Both are free and pretty painless. There’s also directions after you sign up for JokaydiaGrid as to how to point the viewer to that grid through your preferences and such.
It took me less than five minutes and I was exploring a new virtual world. 🙂
(If you then decide you want to use the JokaydiaGrid to host your class, you’ll have to go ahead and work out a rental agreement for the virtual space. That can be accessed through…
It was a fun side trip for me. I can’t wait to see how educators set up the place. Maybe some of our folks will set up shop there. 🙂
Happy in-worlding!

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