SAESL Blog: Working on a virtual tourism bureau

For those of you who can’t be inworld for the weekly tours at Jaguarland or Oxbridge, I’ve purchased an area in which to house the tours, ready for people to just come by and pick up the notecards.  The building has already been placed and furnished–now I’m simply trying to go through the notecards and confirm that the locations are still good.  Each month, there will be three featured tours–one for Caledon, one for Steamlands/Historical sims and one for educational sites.  The lower floor of the building will be for general virtual tourism through Caledon and similar locations.  The upper floor, however, will be dedicated to educational sites in SL and (I hope) have links to research done on virtual tourism and incorporating it into lessons and teambuilding.  When everything is set up, I’ll also have surveys available to find out recommendations for future additions as well as feedback on how people use touring in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

The Aether Education and Travel Bureau can be found right behind the Caledon Welcome Center at


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