SAESL Blog: USA Graduate Gardens and Manor is now open!

  • Graduate Gardens and Manor

The USA Graduate Gardens and Manor House is now fully furnished and available for meetings, hanging out, etc. 

Graduate Gardens and Manor

The Manor and some of the Garden builds are from a former project of mine, Inkwell Manor (headquarters for an in-world writing group).  It’s such a pretty build, I hated to see it go to waste, so it has been reborn in the skybox/swampbox area of Jaguarland. 

Around the perimeter of the Gardens, we’ve placed Presto-Matic presentation viewers.  If you have presentations that might be useful for graduate students preparing for comps or developing themselves professionally, please send them to me at  I’ll take screen shots of the slides and load them into the viewers.  If you’d like to hold a class session in the Graduate Manor, feel free.  You can access it at


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