SAESL Blog: USA Learning Center at EduNation dismantled

Last week, the changeover of EduNation officially occurred. 

For those of you who had visited the USA Learning Center there, you may know about the modern classrooms and information about podcasting, blogs, wikis, etc. that we had there.  Last spring, the call went out that EduNation’s owner, Consultants-e of Barcelona, Spain, was getting out of their SL holdings to concentrate on their worldwide live training seminars. 

While a buyer for EduNation was found, we decided that the office there was no longer needed.  USA currently has our own full sim and a smaller office at Cybrary Square, just off from Ed-Tech.  The USA Learning Center EduNation offices had fallen into disuse, so we have chosen to dismantle them.  For those of you who still have landmarks to the location, they will still work but they will be for another institution (whoever rents the land/building). 

We look forward to further training educators and getting them settled into classrooms at Jaguarland.  The small office at Cybrary Square is soon to undergo changes and updating as well, making it more useable for our instructors.  Plus, Rebecca (Bama Xue) and Stasia (Aevalle Galicia/Teaching Wizardly) have been working on several more fun educational sites in the Caledon sims.  Once these are ready to use/explore, we’ll post the notices here.

Happy in-worlding!



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