SAESL Blog: A couple of social networking groups that are actually good for you!

Hello SAESLers!  This past week, I stumbled upon a report from the Association of Virtual Worlds–rather like a “state of the union” address, explaining how virtual worlds stand at this moment, what they’re being used for, and what the future may hold.  I was very excited to find out that AVW has a Ning group that can be joined for free!

If you’re interested in using virtual worlds in education (not just Second Life, but the gambit), this one may be a good group to get involved with and network with others involved in all kinds of virtual world activities (collaborative research opportunities, ahoy!). is another Ning style group for ed-techers and educators.  With Rez-Ed, it’s a much more education focused crowd plus the site has fairly regular spotlights, podcasts and other materials that may be of interest to those of us trying to figure out how best to implement and use this emerging tool.

The Association of Virtual Worlds site can be found here. can be found here.

Time to get networked, SAESLers!


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