SAESL Blog: Educational Steamlands/Caledon tours coming up

I don’t usually post about the “fun” tours I do through Caledon Oxbridge University, but over the next couple of weeks, the Caledon/Steamlands tours on Tuesdays may be of interest to educators.

On Tuesday, November 16, at 5 pm central (3 pm slt), we’ll set off on a tour of the Caledon Library System.  Plans are that we’ll use the “Book Mo’Blimp” which provides a guided tour as well as lovely aerial views of the Caledon countryside.  However, with sim crossings being horrific of late, we may have to use the good old notecard with landmarks method.  Either way, Caledon has a multitude of libraries along many, many themes–it’s interesting to see the different builds as well as what is housed in them.”

On Tuesday, November 23, at 5 pm central (3 pm slt), we’ll be visiting the branches of the Alexandrian Free Library System which will take us to virtual nations such as New Toulouse, Winterfell, West of Ireland, Steelhead and several more. 🙂

Both tours will leave from the steps of the Oxbridge University Lecture Hall .

For those of you who are curious about how SL can be used to create libraries for patrons looking for information of selected themes, perhaps these tours will give you some ideas!


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