SAESL Blog: New 3rd party web-based viewer coming

With the new SL web-based viewer getting limited “sneak peeks” over the past couple of weeks, the people I’ve talked to have not been very impressed, especially those trying to access it on-campus.  That said, I received a Tweet today (isn’t Twitter grand?) about yet another web-based viewer getting ready for release–this one is called Canvas.  This one is actually meant to work on lower end machines and is compatible with web browsers and even able to be integrated into Facebook.  Canvas is the first product made available to the public by Tipodean Industries, founded by former Second Life manager, Chris Collins.  Wagner James Au has a more extensive write-up in his New World Notes blog.  It’s definitely worth signing up for a preview look at it–we’re hopeful that this will help get around some of the firewall woes that some of the campuses have been experiencing with Second Life.


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