SAESL Blog: Spring is coming!

On this first week of the spring semester here at USA, there are some changes that will be occurring at Jaguarland.

We may see an uptake in visitors to our Swampbox as Oxbridge makes it’s transition from full sim to homestead.  (Quite a few people who use the Oxbridge sandbox are educators and creators, so I’ve volunteered Jaguarland’s sandbox area for them to use.)

Today, I’ll be working on de-winterizing the sim.  Yes, the Christmas look was lovely because snow is so very rare down here.  However, our own weather locally seems to have taken a turn (it’s 55 degrees outside as I’m writing this), so spring will be coming to Jaguarland today.  After that, I’ll set about starting on the “wish list” from an earlier post. 🙂

We have three new people in the Online Learning Lab who will be training in SL, one of whom will probably be taking my place as caretaker for Jaguarland.  I’m not quite hanging up the virtual rake and hoe yet, but as I start on my dissertation, I realize that there must be a changing of the guard at some point.  (I won’t be in the doctoral program forever!  Or, I hope not, anyway!)

We have a schedule put together for this semester’s educational tours.  The dates/topics are:

1/27  Tutorials Tour

2/3 Medical Education

2/10     Vocational Education

2/17 International Schools in SL

2/24 Environmental Education

3/3 Lifelong Learning

3/10 Non-profits in SL

3/24 Art and Performance

3/31  Educational Outreach in SL

4/7  Art and Design

4/14  Space Science Education

4/21  Libraries in SL

4/28  Distance Education

5/5  Educational Associations in SL

Locations will be announced as we get closer to each tour’s date (the ever-changing nature of SL makes it difficult to plan too far in advance).

More info to come as this semester’s projects get underway!


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