SAESL Blog: A few changes…

Last week, I finally figured out the perms problem that has been keeping us from having home point areas for Jag Islanders.  It took a bit of doing (as SL has been rife with issues of late), but Jag Islanders now have four areas on the ground that they can set their home point.

These areas include:

Deans Discourse House Home Point

Right outside the Deans' Discourse House (on the west side of the island),


27 Mile Bluff Library Home Point

Just outside the 27 Mile Bluff Library (towards the northwest corner of the island),


Dauphin Island Home Point

On Dauphin Island (right outside the Surf Shack),


Jag Guardian Village Home Point

And, right in the heart of Jag Guardian Village.


There are also a few areas scattered amongst the swampbox/sandbox area high above the sim.

For members of the Jag Islander group, setting your home point to the island is easy.  First, make sure you’re wearing your Jag Islander tag.  Just select the group from your list and click the “Activate” button.  Find the “Home Point” area you’d like to set as your home landing point on the island, then select World>Set Home to Here.  You should then receive a message that your home point has been set.  To return, just log into Second Life with “Home” selected as your starting point or, if you’re already inworld, select World>Teleport Home (or Ctrl+Shift+H).


In other news, new OLLie Fred Baker (Fredrick Bowler in SL) has just become Jaguarland’s first Gallery Manager.  He’ll be taking on recruiting and bringing in artists and their works into the Mobile Bay Lighthouse Gallery on the island.  Once the flyers are ready to go out, I’ll post more on how to get your artwork in the Gallery.

Until next time!


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