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I love being a member of listservs.  You get to hear about the most amazing new things from listservs, just out of the blue!  This morning was no exception.  A link to a website for a new grid came through on the Hypergrid Adventurers Club.

Self: “New grid, you say?”

Mouse: Click!

Self (upon seeing the website): “Ohhhh!”

So now you’re wondering what has me excited.  Well, it seems part of the U.S. military has been exploring ways to use OpenSim and one of their projects just went unclassified.  Moses recently rolled out its first 64 regions and is now allowing people in to take a look at what they have going on.  The idea is to have a secure Second Life like environment outside of Second Life.  All new accounts are currently being manually approved by the Science and Tech Manager of the U.S. Army Simulation Technology and Training Center.  I was approved within a matter of 20 minutes, but please understand if it takes longer.  To access the new Moses grid, you must first access the accounts page through the website (or go directly to ).  Click on Create Account.  Enter the information and send it on.  Then return to the Moses website and download the STTC (Simulation Technology and Training Center) viewer.  Once your account is approved, you can log in.

When I logged in, I rezzed in STTC 0_0, which appears to be the main sim so far.  I arrived midway up on a very steep hill, which was a bit disorienting.  But once everything rezzed in, I saw the welcome area down at the seaside below.  There are a few freebies but the choice of women’s skins are extremely limited, so if you were to spend any time there, you might want to pull in a full perm skin from SL or another comparable grid.

I played for a bit at the welcome area, then explored the mountain, doing a lot of tumbling as I went–the lag was bad today but I can’t be sure if it was client side of not, so I can’t fault the grid for that.  I’m looking forward to going back and exploring more once more people learn of the project.  It’s fun, though, seeing a new grid just getting rolling. :)

Moses Welcome Center

Moses Welcome Center


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