Gone but not forgotten…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Over the past few weeks, on a personal level I’ve had a world of new opportunities opening up within the virtual environment and MMORPGs that I’ve been off exploring on one level or another.  Some of these have, amazingly enough, pulled in my previous life as a theatre geek (I was asked to do a presentation on Basic Storyboarding).  Others are totally new to me (gamification theory)–but I’ve taken to it like a duck to water (pardon the overused analogy there).

In the midst of all of this expansion, we lost Jaguarland.  I knew it was coming.  With Linden Labs doubling the price on educational and non-profits, it was a lot of money being thrown at something that, quite honestly, our profs never seemed to quite get the hang of.  As difficult as it was to dismantle Jaguarland (it’s been a daily part of my life for 3 years!), I’m grateful to the Deans of the College of Education and to Dr. Dempsey for allowing it to live (albeit virtually) for as long as it did.  I learned a lot taking care of that sim–terraforming, setting up parcels, creating machinima skyboxes, troubleshooting, cleaning up after griefings, leading tours–the list goes on and on.

Where to go from here?  We’re working on taking parts of the Jaguarland builds to JokaydiaGrid.  I’ve rented an area there called Aether Isle where the Mobile Bay Lighthouse and some of the cottages from the Jag Guardian Village will be appearing shortly.  JokaydiaGrid, while it’s not as famous as Second Life, it runs on the same basic code and is only $25/month (as opposed to Second Life’s $295) for a full sim.  It’s also education-focused and is one of the growing grids being used by educators who are looking for a place to play with virtual worlds and experiment without a huge amount of expenses.  Once we get the sim fully set up, I’ll be doing a tour there–I’ll announce it when the time comes. Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_019

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