Post July 4th theme for the tour this week!

We may have lost Jaguarland but I’m still doing tours!  (Actually now, I have the chance to branch out of SL, so don’t be surprised if you see tours of Inworldz, World of Warcraft, Cloud Party, or JokaydiaGrid coming up!)

This Thursday’s tour has a Fourth of July theme–even though it’s on the fifth–kind of a “Freedom isn’t Free” with respect to those who have sacrificed so that we can have the day off on July 4th and picnic/bbq/shoot fireworks/etc.

Our new jumping off point is Aether Education and Virtual Travel in Caledon (  The cool thing about jumping off from this spot is that it’s situated in one of the great places to roam and explore in SL–and, there’s plenty of pre-built tours inside the building, so if you want to explore other places (both academic or non), there’s a good deal of notecards available to point you in the right direction. :)

But back to this week’s tour–we’ll be heading to the virtual Mount Rushmore first, followed by a visit to the U. S. Veterans’ Center at Patriot Island and we’ll finish up at T2′s PTSD Experience.  We’ll leave at 6pm central (4 pm slt).

Sometimes we can hop around rather quickly so make sure you’ve done a tutorial and know the basics of Second Life before jumping in on a tour!.

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