October 2012

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  • We’re moving!

    Due to the expansion of interests and grids (from SL into JokaydiaGrid, OSGrid, ReactionGrid, NWG, etc) and online games (i.e. World of Warcraft, Glitch, Disney, Minecraft), the post topics have outgrown the label of ”Second Life.”  Therefore, we’ve just launched a new WordPress site–http://southalabamagamingeducators.wordpress.com/ . Hope you’ll make the hop with us and continue reading! Filed under: Projects Continue reading

  • Local gaming educators have a new site/group!

    Welcome to our new site for SAGE–South Alabama Gaming Educators.  I’ve been meaning to create a new blog/group since Jaguarland closed.  I think that though Second Life may be the primary place that most educators involved in virtual worlds have as their home, there is so much more out there!  As for myself, I know […] Continue reading