Local gaming educators have a new site/group!

Welcome to our new site for SAGE–South Alabama Gaming Educators.  I’ve been meaning to create a new blog/group since Jaguarland closed.  I think that though Second Life may be the primary place that most educators involved in virtual worlds have as their home, there is so much more out there!  As for myself, I know I’ve been posting more and more non-SL articles so the topic had outgrown the previous South Alabama Educators in Second Life WordPress site.


So here we are–new site, new name.  I’m still mucking around with the theme, so it may end up changing.  Have a cool project you’re working on?  Give me a poke!  I’d love to have guest posts or additional authors contributing to the site.  Maybe, just maybe, through showing amazing projects we can change the anti-gaming mindset of at least a few educators. ;)