Mobile Learning Apps

  • September 26, 2017
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Mobile apps provide a new frontier for classroom use as many are capable of processing information in the same way desktop computers do. The market is changing and adapting as new technologies are released, and the use of apps for teaching and learning provides opportunities to improve student learning outcomes. Additionally, instructors can incorporate their use beyond the classroom to maximize informal learning times. One study that surveyed college students found that students perceive mobile apps as useful for learning, particularly in the areas of collaboration, content sharing, and communication. M-learning (the use of mobile technologies in teaching/training) is a complimentary means for student and instructor social interaction, motivation and learning. Motiwalla found, students of the 21st century view m-learning as an important supplementary role to e-learning. In this workshop, you learn the benefits, opportunities, and even challenges of m-learning (mobile learning) and have the chance to practice selected apps that you may want to use in your courses.

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Educational Services Building (across courtyard from ILC Building), University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, US, 36688

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