South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning

Yesterday’s First-Annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning was an amazing success. After hoping to attract 60 to possibly 100 attendees, we well exceeded the 150 mark! Both keynote addresses were fabulous, and the presentations that I saw in the concurrent sessions were on par with or better than what I typically see at Teaching & Learning conferences.

We plan to make available as many of the presenters’ materials as possible over the coming weeks, including videos of the keynotes.

The first of these resources is the bibliography of  reflective essays on teaching that Dr. Maryellen Weimer shared yesterday.  Ellen Wilson, the wonderful Instructional Services Librarian here at USA, has even provided information on how to find those sources at the University Library.

Maryellen Weimer’s Reflections Reading List with Information about Finding the Sources in the University Library at USA

On Learning To Teach

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After You Have Taught for Some Time

Christensen, C. R. “Every Student Teaches and Every Teacher Learns: The Reciprocal Gift of Discussion Teaching.” In C. R. Christensen, D. A. Garvin, and A. Sweet, eds., Educating for Judgment: The Artistry of Discussion Leadership. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 1991. Request via Interlibrary Loan.

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On Current Instructional Practices

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When Something Went Wrong

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On Lessons Learned from a New Instructional Experience

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When Colleagues Reflect Together

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