Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins

Sarah RobbinsSarah “Intellagirl” Robbins is the Director of Emerging Technologies for Kelley Executive Partners at the Kelley School of Business. Her research focuses on the many ways that virtual worlds are changing the way we think, live, and learn. Sarah is also the coauthor of Second Life for Dummies. Sarah’s work has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education and The New York Times. She was even on the cover of InTake Weekly!

Dr. Robbins is a researcher, an academic, a writer, a speaker, a marketer, a mom, and a geek. She spends her time blogging, researching, and traveling to speak to groups about Second Life, virtual worlds, and web 2.0 technologies and general digital coolness. She is also a digital coach helping people make the most of the technologies available to be more productive and more creative.