GoToWebinar Procedures for USA

GoToWebinar is a online presentation tool built for delivering online seminars to a maximum of 500 participants. This service is best suited for one or two presenters who control all of the content, while attendees are limited to observation with the ability to ask questions via text chat.

The ILC provides access to GoToWebinar for all academic units within the University of South Alabama. Departments have two choices for webinar moderation: self-moderated and ILC-moderated. Departments where faculty/staff are comfortable with the GoToWebinar interface are encouraged to self-moderate their webinars. Those that are not yet comfortable with the interface should request ILC-moderated webinars. Moderators control all functions of the webinar, and may assign other attendees the role of presenter.

How to Schedule GoToWebinar with the ILC
Departments wishing to use GoToWebinar should submit requests through the online submission form, found at the bottom of this page. A Google calendar will be made available to easily check availability of the GoToWebinar service. That calendar can be found at (we will provide the url when available).

Data elements collected from the form include:
1. Department
2. Date of Webinar
3. Topic of Webinar
4. Organizer contact info (name, telephone, email)
5. Will the dept need an organizer from ILC, or will they self-moderate?
6. Number of expected attendees

A Confirmation email will be sent from the ILC to the organizer once the webinar request has been approved.

Organizer Instructions (for Department-moderated use)
Once a department’s request has been confirmed, login credentials for the organizer role can be obtained by contacting the ILC staff member assigned to the webinar. This information will be found in the reservation confirmation email. Once this information is received, it is recommended the organizer give a trial run to become familiar with the GoToWebinar interface. Guides on connecting and organizing webinars can be found at .

GoToWebinar Organizer Checklist:
__ Schedule (date, time, topic)
__ Promote (registration report, custom invitations, reminders, follow-up)
__ Practice trial run
__ Present
__ Webinar Follow-up

GoToWebinar Roles
Below is a list of each role type available in GoToWebinar, and the associated privileges.
Organizer — this person schedules meetings, invites attendees, starts and ends the meetings, and manages in-session controls.
Presenter — this person may share their screen to display content such as PowerPoint, etc. This role can be granted to different attendees throughout the presentation.
Attendee — This person is in listen-only mode, but may submit questions to the organizer or other attendees through text chat.

Best Practices for Presenters
Turn off any instant-messaging applications, notification software, or other programs that may interrupt or distract from the meeting.
Turn off any streaming media applications that may take up bandwidth and resource-intensive applications that may be taxing processor ability.
Use a USB headset to prevent echoing or background noise.
Clean up your desktop before a meeting. Eliminate wallpaper and icons that may distract your attendees.
Have the documents you wish to share ready to be accessed in one or two clicks.
Encourage students to submit questions ahead of time.
Send an announcement to students with brief information about the lecture/meeting objectives.
Stop to review questions submitted via chat.

Support Documentation
Documentation on using GoToWebinar is provided by Citrix, at the following link: