Migrating Courses to Sakai: Dreaded Drudgery or Exciting Opportunity?

Today is a big day at the ILC.  Today is when we will formally begin planning our process for migrating courses from eCollege to Sakai.  Since we have about 350 fully online courses, 80 blended courses, and no-telling-how-many web-enhanced courses to move, this will be a significant undertaking involving a lot of people.

The good news is that we have time to get it done.  Our contract with eCollege still has over 2 years remaining, so there is some hope (and perhaps it is not too naive a hope) that this cushion will allow us to make the transition with minimal pain and stress.  It won’t be an easy process, however.

eCollege is a proprietary system, which means that they are much more interested in making it easy for you to add your course content into their system than they are in spending their development capital in helping you (or, for that matter, another LMS provider) to get it out.

Therefore, while there are some shortcuts that we’ll be discussing in future posts, moving content from eCollege to Sakai is largely a manual process. And I suspect that if you have a lot of content in your course, or if you have several courses, the copy/paste process will soon start to loom tediously over you.

Rather than dreading the obligation to do this work, however, I see this as an excellent opportunity you to reconsider your course, to reinvigorate it.

In the video below, from UNC Chapel Hill’s Sakai Blog, Vince Petronio, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Rhode Island, talks about how moving a course from one LMS to another can help you and your course get “recharged.”


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