Sakai 101

Sakai 101

Sakai 101 is USA’s basic certification program that represents the minimum competencies* required for using Sakai CLE effectively for courses and collaborative projects.

*The competencies for each part of Sakai 101 can be seen here.

Individuals can achieve Sakai 101 Certification three different ways:

  1. by successfully completing the four-part on-campus training workshops delivered by the ILC
  2. by successfully completing the four-part online training modules delivered by the ILC through Sakai–There is also an option to complete it with instructor guidance through a three-week moderated course, or you may complete it on your own
  3. by providing evidence of the required competencies without formal ILC training

Each module is designed to take about two hours. No matter which option you choose, you must start with Part 1. After you complete Part 1, you can take the other modules in any order or in any of the three available modalities.

On-Campus Workshops

Sakai 101 On-Campus Workshops

The Innovation in Learning Center offers the four-part Sakai 101 Workshop series at least once each week during the semester. Most weeks, these are offered in half-day blocks, with Parts 1 and 2 taught one day, and Parts 3 and 4 offered two days later at the same time. A full-day, Parts 1-4 session is also taught several times over the course of the semester.

Individual parts can be taken separately, if necessary, but you must complete Part 1 before any of the other modules.

To see a list of upcoming Sakai 101 workshops, click here.

Online Training Modules

Sakai 101 Online

Sakai 101 is now available online!  You can receive certification for all or parts of Sakai 101 by enrolling in Sakai 101: The Basics in Sakai.

*Note: To create a Sakai account, click here.

To register for Sakai 101 Online, click here.  You will receive an email within one business day informing you how to access the course.


Do It Yourself

Do-It-Yourself Sakai 101 Certification

To achieve Certification for all of Sakai 101 or individual parts without attending on-campus workshops or the Sakai 101 online training modules, individuals should create a course or project site in Sakai that demonstrates the competencies required for each part.  Competencies with an asterisk (*) must be demonstrated either in person or by explanation or description in a Word document in Resources of the project site titled Sakai101.doc.

To receive certification in any or all parts of Sakai 101, you must demonstrate the competencies listed here.

Once you feel you have met the competencies for one or more parts, you can request a Sakai Certification Review here.