Creating dynamic courses using Sakai Lessons Builder

Gurupreet Khalsa, Innovation in Learning Center, University of South Alabama
Christian Bond, ANI

Developed by Rutgers University, the new Sakai Lessons Builder tool (replacing the Lessons/Melete tool) allows an instructor to organize resources, quizzes, assignments, forums, and media (e.g. videos, audios and images) in a central location so that students don’t need to navigate to different tools to get things done.

In a traditionally structured site, you may add materials (e.g. PowerPoint slides, readings, lecture notes, images, etc.) into the Resources tool; and create assignments and quizzes with Assignments and Tests and Quizzes tools; you might have discussion forums set up as well. Rather than require your students to complete requirements across a number of different tools in your Sakai site, Lessons allows you to structure your course in a modular format that could guide your students through their learning tasks. It creates structured pages that pull content and functionality from other tools and organizes them as a series of sequential tasks.

At the end of the session the participants will be able to: create content, embed videos, add activities, manage settings, use conditional release and more.