Online Instructors as the Victims of Cyber-Bullying in the Online Classroom

Michael T. Eskey, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Park University
Hank Roehrich, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Park University

The rapid increase of online learning has resulted in a subsequent rise of cyber-bullying.  Bullying has typically been found in the workplace and between students in the classroom, outside of the classrooms, and in many forms of social media. However, most recently, online faculty members have become targets and victims of online bullying. Many instructors have become unsuspecting victims of student bullying.  For many, there are not established policies or training on how to react.  The presentation addresses current research on the background and scope of the problem. The research included a survey of current online faculty, the findings, and recommendations for addressing the problem. Finally, the presenters will provide  a review and report of the findings of cyber-bullying related to a university with a majority of students and instructors online, and a plan for addressing the problem through policies, training, professional development, recommendations, and conclusions.