Motivating Students by Showing Them a Glimpse at Their Future

diane gibbs
Department of Visual Arts, University of South Alabama

Before-and-after photos motivate people by giving them an idea of where they can be if they are committed to working hard for a period of time. Are you showing your students and after photo? This paper will demonstrate how I motivate my students by connecting with up-and-coming and established professionals in my field.

It is motivating to show someone who is successfully working in their industry. We want our students to get a job in their field and be successful in their chosen career but how much time are we spending guiding them to all the possibilities that are available with their degree. Students need to see both established professionals as well as someone who is close to their own age having success in their field. It gives them hope, it gives them someone to use as an example of where the student can be in a few years with hard work and commitment.