Six Simple Ways to Bring Baby Boomers into 21st Century Technology… and Be Happy About It!”

Sue Gober and Stephanie Hulon
School of Education, University of Mobile

In any professional workplace, difficulties can arise in understandings, interpretations, strategies, methods, or even values when “old” meets “new.” At the University of Mobile we have experienced this in our School of Education as our Baby Boomer generation faculty members have worked to integrate technology in simple, efficient and user- friendly ways. By bringing in a younger faculty member skilled in current educational technologies, we have managed to work together to bridge the gap in some creative ways that have older faculty members smiling, feeling confident and experimenting with blogs, google docs and calendars, survey monkey, social media and much more. 

In this presentation, Dr. Sue Gober and Mrs. Stephanie Hulon will demonstrate exactly how easing into these simple technologies has made such a difference in areas such as:

 One really exciting method used to share the latest and greatest techniques is the “Technology Tip” presented by Mrs. Hulon at the monthly department meetings. She will explain! Do not miss this fun-filled, humorous look at “old” meeting “new” and you will walk away with simple, yet effective ways to enhance your technology repertoire.