A Collaborative Approach to Integration of Technology in K-12 Schools

Tracy Hinton
Instructional Leadership - Instructional Technology, University of Alabama

Since technology is continually evolving, K – 12 teachers and library media specialists must seek creative, innovative ways to teach information retrieval and multimedia design skills.  Multimedia presentations, storytelling programs, and iPad apps can be effective ways to motivate learners of all ages.  Various programs and apps can enhance collaboration, assessment, and workflow for educators.  With available technology, students can work in small groups or on an individual basis to perform research, practice subject area skills, read ebooks, and design multimedia presentations.  As K – 12 teachers and library media specialists become familiar with the available applications, they can realize the positive impact that technology, particularly iPads, can have on student learning and seek ways to obtain funding for various electronic devices.

This poster session for K - 12 teachers and school library media specialists will share numerous ways to integrate technology such as iPads into the curriculum.  In particular, it will identify ways that library media specialists can serve as valuable resources as teachers teach Alabama Course of Study and Common Core objectives that include information retrieval and presentation skills.  In addition, I will showcase resources that describe the educational benefits of collaborative teaching with technology.