Effectiveness of Diabetic Educational Video at University of South Alabama Medical Center

Camille Reed
Nutrition Services, University of South Alabama

Due to recent changes in the healthcare system it has become necessary to explore and understand the various factors that influence reimbursement of care. One of the biggest challenges for the US healthcare system today is the management of the ever-growing diabetes burden and its various complications. The University of South Alabama Medical Center does not have a Certified Diabetic Educator on staff. In lieu of a CDE, USA medical center uses a diabetic educational video shown in patient rooms. However, to our knowledge, no one has formally studied whether this is an effective method of informing the patients about their condition and how to manage it. To test each patient's understanding, we propose to administer a simplistic questionnaire after the patient watches the video to measure the effectiveness of such a teaching format. We hypothesize that these videos are inadequate teaching tools, and that it is possible that such a failure to inform our patient base could be resulting in subsequent re-admissions when those conditions are exacerbated. The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of these videos and explore further options to improve patient education and perhaps reduce complications and re-admissions that could be avoided.