Developing and Implementing an Online Faculty Evaluation and Observation Model

Hank Roehrich, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Park University
Michael T. Eskey, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Park University

Maintaining academic standards, retention of quality faculty and establishing a measure for promotion can be achieved with the assistance and enforcement of faculty evaluations.  The Park University faculty evaluation system, the Faculty Online Observation (FOO), was developed from best practices literature and adult education learning theory. The program is supplemented with an Online Instructor Mentoring Program (OIMP), and an evaluation of course content by program coordinators. This combination of these programs and systems creates a logical method for annually evaluating online adjunct instructor.  With these measuring tools, Park Distance Learning (PDL) is able to gauge the needs and strengths of its online instructors.  The system is also used to determine proper placement and scheduling of online adjunct instructors. The current presentation will address the training of online instructors, the Park instructors resources forum, the original evaluation system, the OIES, and the current faculty  online observation system.