Use of a Comprehensive Audiovisual System to Capture Medical Student Simulated Patient Encounters in a Family Medicine Clinical Experience

Alison B. Rudd
Division of Health Sciences/Simulation, University of South Alabama

Carol P. Motley
Family Medicine, University of South Alabama

O. Grace Hundley
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, University of South Alabama

The Family Medicine clinical experience at USA is a 6-week course in the 3rd year that places students in the private practice environment in order to learn comprehensive patient care in the management of chronic medical problems.  The rotation is broadened by a simulated patient care experience in USA’s state-of-the-art Clinical Skills Lab.  Students are presented a scenario of a patient with chronic disease that they interview at the beginning, and again at the end of the clinical rotation.  During these encounters, students must obtain historical information regarding the patient’s illness, educate the patient accordingly, and develop a written assessment and plan.  Standardized patients (SPs) are members of the community that are trained to portray realistic symptoms and give feedback on student performance.  All SP encounters are recorded by LearningSpace, a comprehensive audiovisual and center management system designed to connect simulated patient encounters with performance assessment tools for healthcare education.  The advanced search capability saves all recordings and enables instructors to edit and reload videos, or to find and replay any part of a simulation for debrief.  LearningSpace offers more than 25 reports for faculty and learners.  Other USA academic programs that use LearningSpace such as Physical Therapy, Audiology, and Physician Assistant Studies will be highlighted.  The SP methodology will be discussed, along with video samples and evaluations of actual learner events using LearningSpace and SPs.