Integration of Interactive Modules in Graduate Nursing Online Orientation: A Process in Evolution

Tracey Taylor-Overholts, Nursing, University of South Alabama
Rosemary Rhodes, Nursing, University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama’s (USA) College of Nursing (CON) routinely admits approximately 2,000 graduate students annually. To overcome the logistics of on-campus orientation, the CON transitioned to a mandatory online orientation via a course in USA’s learning management system Sakai culminating in an all-day webinar experience in 2012. The new orientation process progressed well with the exception of students who did not complete the online Sakai portion and were therefore lost during the day-long webinar. Evaluations also suffered during this period due to students who thought too much time was spent during the webinar restating information included in the orientation site to those students who did not participate as instructed. To remedy the situation, mandatory modules with quizzes were instituted in the Sakai orientation site. Students were required to earn 100% on the quizzes and were allowed to retest until they did so. After all modules and quizzes were completed with scores of 100%, the student received an invitation to participate in the webinar. The new orientation process resulted in increased satisfaction in student evaluations and appropriate student participation in the culminating webinar. The integration of modules and quizzes to the online graduate nursing orientation site in Sakai, were a necessary evolution in the process.